Study in Turkey
Turkey is already a popular tourist destination, the rapid improvement in higher education quality is establishing Turkey as the perfect place for international students.

The country has numerous international links, and its location makes it a great connection for Asia and Europe.

Why study in Turkey?

You have many reasons to study in Turkey. Turkey is a center of attraction for students in the world, with its natural, spiritual, transportation and physical properties specific to its cities.

As an international student in Turkey you will have the opportunity to experience both modernity and tradition in one of the safest and most stable countries in the region. Some Turkish Universities has English as the teaching language while others will offer the opportunity to learn English. Above all, the high quality of education will make you more than ready for a future anywhere in the world.

The number of international students choosing to study in Turkey has witnessed a significant upsurge from the 2018-19 academic year. Currently, there are around 650,000 foreign students in Turkey, signalling the country’s growing importance as a higher education destination.

Turkish Universities will among other things provide you with high standards of education and internationally recognized degrees.

Motivations for study in Turkey include the opportunity to gain a relatively inexpensive and good quality education, with opportunities for scholarships that also pay a monthly allowance, covering accommodation and tuition fees, health insurance and travel expenses.

Turkish Universities will among other things provide you with:

High standards of education
Internationally recognized degrees
Modern campuses with outstanding facilities
Cultural diversity
Safe and affordable education
A warm and friendly environment

How to get a student visa?

If you wish to study in Turkey, you will need to obtain a student visa. Student visas must be obtained from a Turkish consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence in the country of your nationality. Student visas CANNOT be issued from within Turkey. You must take or mail a copy of your “Letter of Acceptance” from a Turkish university and a completed visa application form to the appropriate Turkish Consulate.

Please note that it generally takes around eight weeks from the time you submit your application until you receive your visa. The student visa will be stamped in your passport.

Note that the Turkish embassy is the sole authority responsible and eligible to process your application and give a decision on your case.

Apply for the Turkish student visa

Most international students need to apply for a student visa if they go to a university in Turkey. The process for getting a visa is pretty simple and straightforward.

The earliest you can apply: 60 days before your intended departure to Turkey.
The latest you are permitted to apply: one month prior to your trip.

Where to Apply
You will need to submit your application for a Turkish study visa at the Turkish embassy, consulate or a third-party visa application center, located in your country of residence.

Documents Required to Apply for a Turkey Student Visa

A passport-size photo of you.
Your valid passport.
Bio-metric photographs in compliance with the Turkey visa photo requirements.
Letter of acceptance indicating that you have been accepted by an education institution in Turkey. The letter must indicate the duration of your stay.
Proof of paid fees for the educational program you are about to attend, if applicable.
Previous diplomas, certificates and transcripts.
Proof of financial resources. The Turkish authorities want you to show that you have enough money to live in Turkey during your studies, and pay the study fees.
Proof of accommodation. Depending on where you will be staying while in Turkey, you will need to present a document as proof of accommodation.
Police clearance certificate
Medical certificate

When you have been granted a visa, you will be able to register as a student, stay in Turkey is for a period longer than 90 days, they must apply for a student residence permit.

After You Arrive in Turkey
When you travel to Turkey with a Student Visa, upon arrival you must register at the nearest local police department in Turkey. You should then apply for a residence permit at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration within 1 month of their arrival in Turkey.

After you get the residence permit, known in Turkish as “ikamet”, you can live in Turkey, open a bank account and do many more things. Six weeks before the expiration of your ikamet, you should apply for its extension.

To renew your residence permit: Visit the local authorities 60 days before your residence permit expires. Fill the renewal application form and submit. You will be issued the permit.