Subclass 476 visa processing time

How long Visa 476 Applications take to Process?

In March 2020, Australian Immigration stated that

75% of subclass 476 applications took 13 months or less to process while 10% took over 17 months.

Currently, Immigration is unable to provide any average Processing times due to COVID-19.

All visa processing times change every month, as they are the actual times for visa finalisations in the previous month.

Department of Home Affairs

Why do some Visas take longer than others?

Some applications do not have all the correct information and therefore may take longer, and others can be done in 6 or 9 months.

However, we have seen a number that are still waiting after 20 months because of their mistakes in their visa application.

476 Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa applications granted between August 2019 and August 2020.

308 issued in August 2019
278 issued in September 2019
370 issued in October 2019
500 issued in November 2019
334 issued in December 2019
379 issued in January 2020
226 issued in February 2020
143 issued in March 2020
0 issued in April 2020
0 issued in May 2020
0 issued in June 2020
0 issued in July 2020
0 issued in August 2020

Total: 2538

Top 5 Nationalities were

  • 931 visas were issued to nationals from Pakistan. (36.7%)
  • 604 visas were issued to nationals from India. (23.8%)
  • 308 visas were issued to nationals from Sri Lanka (12.1%)
  • 97 visas were issued to nationals from the Philippines (3.83%)
  • 77 visas were issued to nationals from Iran (3.04%)

These Five countries, totaling 2,017 visa grants, made up 79.5% of the total 2,538 subclass 476 visas granted.

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