Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Universities in Kyrgyzstan

  • International School of Medicine: $1900 /semester
  • International medical university: $1600 /semester
  • Adam university medical faculty: $1450 /semester
  • Kyrgyz medical academy: $2000 /semester
  • Jalal abad state university: $1250 /semester

1) Why Kyrgyzstan?

Because it is safe, friendly for students. Furthermore, low living cost and expenses. International high ranking universities and college.

2) Why MBBS/BDS in Kyrgyzstan?

Firstly, here fee is very low. Secondly, degree duration is less as compared to other countries. Thirdly, most important is that, best universities in the world. Last but not least, high quality of education specially practical work. Finally, Environment is more suitable equally for girls and boys.

3) MBBS Fees:

Education fee is cheapest in Kyrgyzstan especially for MBBS & BDS. Tuition fee is starting from 1000$ to onward per semester. Mostly university fee fall between 1400-1500$

4) MBBS Duration in Kyrgyzstan?

Its duration is 5 years. No extra time is require. mostly students do it in given time. house job/ practical work start from 3rd semester to onward. Students get degree after 5 years.

5) Fail or Drop Scene during MBBS?

there is no concept of drop out in Kyrgyzstan medicals college or universities.

6) Living Cost in Kyrgyzstan?

there is very low living cost in here. Average hostel dues are between 200-300$ per semester.

7) Food Cost in Kyrgyzstan?

Student can manage their monthly food expenses with in 100$ or less. Those students who are living out side the uni or college hostel, they manage both food and residence just in 100$, easily.

8) How can get admission in Kyrgyzstan or admission process in Kyrgyzstan?

It is very easy to get admission in Kyrgyzstan, but, ironically, there are limited MBBS seats for students. Student can win admission successfully on the base of first come and first get. So, now admission are open for 2019 uptake in Kyrgyzstan. Do not waste your time in thinking.

9) Admission Requirement for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

  1. Intermediate with pre medical subject.
  2. 60% marks in Fsc
  3. No IELTS Test requirement
  4. No Bank statement is required.
  5. age gap is accepted

10) Admission procedure in Kyrgyzstan?

  • First get admission in university
  • secondly, prepare documents for embassy.
  • then apply for e-visa
  • after that, get visa and stamp on it.
  • take ticket and fly toward your destination.

If you are serious for getting Admission in Kyrgyzstan, so I Recommend you that do not waste your precious time just reserve your seat. If you have any query related admission or anything we are here for you. Do not feel hesitate just whatsapp, sms or comment us.

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